Megatrax presenta sus novedades musicales de junio 2020

Willy Rivera de Megatrax

Megatrax anunció las novedades de sus catálogos de música para producciones audiovisuales y comerciales publicitarios, que son los que siguen:

Time Pulses, Percussion And Sound Design
Time pulses, tick-tocks, heartbeats and sound design tension cues featuring pulsating percussion, electronics, risers, massive impacts, metal hits and action trailer backends

Yacht Rock
Smooth sailing, easy listening soft rock inspired by the sounds of the '70s and '80s, featuring live horns and background vocals

Alt rock awesomeness, big attitude, rowdy guitars and raucous female vocals

Epic Pop Drops
Sparse & subtle setups explode into epic & emotive vocal choruses.

Flowing Piano
Neo-Classical arrangements showcasing beautiful solo piano movements that inspire heartfelt emotions of beauty and purpose

Atmospheric Tension
Delicate textures and intricately layered instrumentation create captivating celestial atmospheres and tentative underscores.

Retro Hooks And Beat Quirks
Quirky yester-groovers infused with seriously fun modern day beats.

Bubblegum Bounce
Minty fresh teen pop.

Making All The Bright Moves
Polite & positive acoustic eco-indie.

Fuzz And Drums
No-nonsense raw & raucous rock riffs & hits

Sparse Beds
Stunning soundscapes of exquisite beauty, drama and emotion stemming from glacial electronic timbres and carefully orchestrated reverberations.

Pastoral Beauty
Beautiful scenes of unspoiled, evergreen landscapes are captured through heartened organic arrangements of placid elegance.

Cutie Fruities
Fresh, fun, folky tunes for feelgood types

Edit Suites
One-stop-shop for contemporary pieces aimed at in-programme television. From positive, to neutral, to tension.

Stately Homes
Rich, regal & resplendent. Live string ensemble.

Stompin Feel Good Fun
Contemporary pieces for in-programme television.

Mono Sum Presents: Killer Pop
Hyper-modern & expertly crafted pop hits. First of the fiercely fresh Mono Sum EP series.

Orchestral Drama Beats
Increasing tension as time runs out. Orchestral hybrids with electronic elements & break-a-sweat beats.

Drive Forward Soar Upward
Perpetually positive corporate-lifters that take us to new heights

Hype It, Chop It, Drop It
Big beats and bigger synths for all your awesome promos

After Dark
Moody electronic beats for insomniacs and other night dwellers

Sunny Side Up Pop
Super happy summer tunes to keep a smile on your face

UK House
The UK bass house sound / Big, fat, synthy basslines and funky house beats

60 Second Hitters
Punchy and immediate aggro-exciters. Some dance, some rock, some electronic - all hard-hitting and hyped.

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